Tuscania, città dell’antica Etruria [photo gallery]

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  1. Ron Webb 5 Marzo, 2018 at 07:07 Rispondi

    In 2004, I spent a month visiting Udine and surrounding areas. Two place’s have haunted my mind. Both of religious meaning. One, the ancient church, secreted in a cave in the side of the cliff at Cividale, overlooking the river. Of Roman occupation times when being a Christian could end one’s life.The strangest confrontation i’ve ever had happened there. I understand fully the nearby bridge name and dare not to speak it. Second, and more perplexing, I ask help of the name of the thick walled town, north of Udine, west of Gemona. An ancient city with remnants of medieval voices. The church has/had within an all wood sculpture, apparently from just one tree, of people, children, holding hands in a circle. It has been my greatest desire to return there. To my regret, photos of my entire time were lost, along with my camera and equipment. Apparently while being moved in luggage in New York.
    If anyone has an idea of what I speak of, please, please contact me at ; RonWebb727@gmail.com. Thank you and may God bless you and yours.

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